lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Seeing through fan blades

     I may just be an object that people turn off and on, but if I could talk and tell my life you wouldn't believe all the things I have seen in the moments of been turn off and on. I would tell you about this human and some of the actions that the human does.

     The fist things I would say about that human is the silence. I think I do more noise than that human in the classes. But, when that human says something the only thing you can hear is when I blow the air. Sometimes I wish I didn't made so much noise so I could listen clearly everything that human says. It's deep and it actually has to do with the subject that the main power is talking about. So, that human contributes to the subject instead of just babbling anything that crosses the mind.
     Even if that human has say it dislikes this place I call home, still accepts that my home is a place to learn by the main power. That human knows what it's the problem with y home, it's actually very simple, what that human doesn't like about my home is not been able to express freely. That human feels it's under a power weren't you can't get away from. The main power can't understand that you actually have an opinion to defend until the end.

     If I had to make a conclusion about this human, I must say that it contributes to my home in a good way. And, in one way or another, my home helps that human too.

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