lunes, 6 de junio de 2016


     Once there was a bird and a bug. The bird wanted to eat the bug. When the bird got close to eat the bug, the bug started to cry. The bird stood there and looked at the bug confuse. After a moment, the bird and the bug:
          -   Why are you crying?

     The bug, still crying, answers:
          -   Because I'm sad.
          -   Why are you sad?
          -   Because my heart hurts.
          -   Why your hear hurts?
          -   Because I feel pain
          -   Why you feel pain?
          -   Because of what you did.
          -   And what did I do?
          -   You ate me.

     The bird confused, told the bug:
          -   I haven't est you.
          -   But in your mind you did.

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