miércoles, 8 de junio de 2016


     It all started in an evening when I saw a mountain far away from where I was. It looked so blurry because of the clouds passing by. It's not because it was high, the mountains here aren't like that, the real reason was that it was a rainy day.
     I couldn't remember exactly how I got there but it didn't matter. The highness of the mountain made me forget all the worries that I had. I kept staring at the mountain and asking to myself: now what do I do? As if the answer to that question wasn't obvious, I started to climb.
     There was a lot of plants with thorns that hurt my hands and legs as I climb. As I climb, I was being scratch little by little with all the thorns in the plants. Just imagine how many scratches I will have when I finish climbing this mountain.
     I stopped because the pain in my hands got unbearable. I sat down to relax my muscles while at it saw my hands fill with scratches. The only thing I could think was in how much it hurt. Plus I was sweating and still had my school's uniform. It was simply uncomfortable.
     I went on climbing until I couldn't climb anymore. My hands and legs hurt a lot, so much that I couldn't even move. I was laying down on the floor which was filled with mud and trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why was I doing this? Why did I have to do this? Suddenly I felt the muddy floor shake a little, following by some little rocks falling from the top of the mountain. When I notice what was going to happen, I realize that big rocks where falling down and on the way to fall on top of me.
     Strangely, I couldn't feel the pain at all, I actually felt light and refreshed. When I look around I was in an empty classroom, in my uniform and sited alone in my chair. I took my backpack and left... What was I dreaming again?

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